Hopefully the hiatus is over

I’ve been absent from this forum for a long time.  While I can blame some of it on systems problems, it’s mostly my fault.  It isn’t even that I haven’t had anything to say.  I just haven’t prioritized the writing high enough on the list of things to do.

I am back from my sabbatical now, but I still have lots of posts stacked up from my time in Uganda.  I also intend to return there for a while this year, so I’ll have new stories as well. So, there are still hopefully many more blog posts along the lines of what you’ve seen here before.  However, since I am back in my job, I’ll also have more technology related posts coming out in addition to the others.  Since my stack of books to read is still falling over, the book reports will continue as well.  I’ll try to be careful with the tags to make it easier.

I know there are lots of comments stacked up which I’ll be going through, so please be patient on that score as well.

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